Why are free proxies dying?

Quite a large number of users, when they begin to deal with the issue of the need for a proxy, begin to ask quite logical questions. Where do proxies come from? Where to get proxies? Why are some better or worse and what is the difference? If your question falls into this small list, then this article can help you with the answers. This time, we will analyze the basic questions that relate to free proxies: where do they come from and what is wrong with them?

Where do free (public) proxy servers come from?

With the help of this question, we can deal with several at once. Initial: where do free proxies come from? And extra: Why are they dying so fast?

Let’s start with the basics: free proxies very rarely come up in a format that could be called reliable. From examples:

  • A proxy appears due to virus infection, so an ordinary PC of a random person becomes a proxy server when connected to the network.
  • The result of an error and inattention of the system administrator.
  • A fairly common occurrence is when a system administrator forgets that it is necessary to close access. Thus, a chaotic public proxy appears.
  • Free proxy servers are issued by the provider itself. It’s a marketing ploy. The goals can be different, ranging from attracting additional clients to banal performance tests of these servers.

With the main question of the origin sorted out, let’s move on to the reasons for the disappearance of proxy servers and their cessation of performance.

  • In the case of infected PCs, when antivirus is installed on them, the functionality is forcibly terminated. The demolition of the OS with the disk format also affects, of course.
  • An inattentive system administrator, after an audit in his working field, still closes access to the proxy, which means that he also disappears from the public.
  • Courtesy free proxies through a provider or reseller in 99 out of 100 cases have an expiration date. Upon completion, access is closed and the proxy disappears from the public.
  • A free proxy is also a frequent guest on the ban lists of many providers and web resources. This cannot but cause the server to fail.

From all of the above, we can draw a simple conclusion: free proxies are never reliable because they can disappear at absolutely any, necessarily inappropriate, moment.

Such servers are not suitable for serious tasks, which means you should pay attention to a high-quality products that some companies can provide.

Yes, many mistakenly believe that you can save money on free proxies, but a savvy entrepreneur will see the catch. It will take a lot of time to search for relatively sane proxies, but due to free access to them, you can very quickly face their blocking. When such proxies are used not only by you, then there is a very high risk of getting blocked on a web resource, along with it, and losing a lot of time and money.

Proxies in our time are a necessity, not a whim, which means that absolutely everyone can afford them. Prices are never cosmic and always justify themselves.

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