Proxy for online games

Nowadays, entertainment content is a prerequisite for a strong psyche. In the conditions of modernization of most processes, as well as the accelerated rhythm of life, we all need a rest. One of the options for recreation, many people choose online games, because their availability and variety amaze even the wildest imagination. However, even with this process we can automate and monetize. Selling services for leveling characters, or selling ready-made items and characters for real currency. This rarely violates the user agreement, but that’s not the point 🙂

For you to always have the opportunity to enter your favorite game, regardless of various circumstances, and also to achieve success in the game faster, we recommend using proxy servers. Proxy servers will become a reliable tool for bypassing some blocking, and they are also very successful at automating many gaming moments.

What is the place of a proxy in online games?

Proxy servers in this situation act as an intermediary between the player and the game to which the player wants to connect. By hiding the player’s real IP address on another one, proxy servers ensure the anonymity of the player, and also provide a guarantee of bypassing various regional blockings, if they exist. A fairly common occurrence will be a situation where in a region or even several the game is simply not available for political or ideological reasons, with the help of a proxy server you can ignore such a restriction.

If you want to use some kind of bot program to simplify game mechanics, then proxies are simply indispensable here, unless you want to run into a block. In 99% of cases, the web resource will consider such actions illegal, which means they will demolish your accounts at the speed of light if you do not use proxy servers.

As an additional option, proxies can also help with multi-accounts, which can also be under the ideological ban of an organization.

However, blocking bypass and an attempt to outwit the developer is not the only functionality of proxy servers. In some situations, the whole essence of proxy servers can be directed purely at yourself and not get into conflict with the developer. A few examples:

  • Improving the quality of connection to the game.

In this situation, your ping is reduced to a minimum, which cannot but have a positive effect on the response of your actions in the game. This is especially important at the moment in very dynamic games, such as shooters and MOBA games.

  • Account security.

Using a “fake IP address” you guarantee the safety of your game valuables on your own, without any promises from the developers.

It will be much more difficult for attackers to steal your achievements and items because they will try to gain access to non-existent objects. Such a situation will be an excellent safety cushion in games where cumulative processes are very important, for example, MMORPGs or gacha games.

We have dismantled the idea of ​​the need for proxy servers for games, let’s move on to which proxies are still worth choosing.

Roughly speaking, there are 2 options: free (public) and paid (private) proxies.

Free proxies

We recently published an article about free proxies, but we will write a little here.

In general, free proxies are often the product of human error, system errors, or a temporary testing tool from the provider or resellers. The viability, if you can call it that, of this type of proxy is not distinguished by its long duration, and there is no question of reliability in other plans. Such proxies are in the public domain and are used by everyone who is not too lazy, which means that such proxies are also blacklisted by various organizations very quickly.

When using this type of proxy, you run the risk of not improving your needs, but only exacerbating the situation by getting blocked due to the actions of other users. Conclusion: free proxies are dangerous.

Personal proxies

We talked about the privileges of personal proxies above, but it would be fair to take into account the minus. There is only one: they are paid.

Some users mistakenly believe that prices are cosmic, but this is not so. For personal use, absolutely everyone can afford a proxy, and for commercial purposes, proxies always pay for themselves with incredible rates if the business processes are well configured.

By connecting such proxies, you can be sure that they are working and that only you use them.