Where to buy proxy for Tik Tok?

One of the most popular applications in the world is TikTok, and yet there are some difficulties for some users. To effectively promote your account, everyone just needs to use proxy servers. As always, the proxy server acts as a “third agent” between the user and the web resource itself, all this to hide the real IP address of the user. Such a symbiosis not only simplifies many aspects of promotion but also helps to bypass some regional blockages, which are not uncommon. Modern users can very effectively use proxies to bypass many restrictions in promoting their accounts.

This time we will try to understand in more detail the basic processes of working together between a proxy and TikTok, and we will also analyze the basic possible proxy options and where you can buy them.

Why do you need proxies in TikTok?

To date, TikTok simply demolishes all ratings in terms of popularity. TikTok is perhaps the fastest growing social network, and for many options, from running your blog or humorous account to full business accounts. Of course, with due popularity, monetization is implied. In general, it is impossible to deny that sometimes simple talent and quality content may not be enough for good promotion. The high popularity of the application implies its pitfalls. Just titanic competition sometimes reduces the chances of success close to zero. As one of the adequate solutions is the use of special software to automate the promotion of an account, for example, to cheat subscribers, likes, and comments. With the help of such a simple method, you don’t have to make a lot of effort, and the guarantee of the result is nearing its peak.

Of course, this is also not without taunts: TikTok can identify accounts with high activity as violators, subsequently issuing a block for a while, and sometimes forever. The company’s policy sometimes makes the hair on the head stand on end even for users who try not to violate the user agreement, what can we say about artificial cheating? There is a way out of Proxy servers. This is a direct prerequisite for a good result without account blocking, and sometimes several, if you manage a couple of things at once.

Proxy types

We have analyzed the main points on connecting proxies and TikTok, let’s move on to the analysis of proxy servers.

Free proxies(Public)

Free ones are often called public proxies because they are freely available and can be used by anyone who finds them. The main nice thing is that they are free, of course. True, the pluses end there, and problems appear.

Firstly, to find at least relatively adequate proxies, you will have to spend a lot of time and nerves, which is not always justified. In the final version, the scheme Time = Money simply does not converge.

Secondly, public proxies are dying like midges. Because they are freely available, everyone can use them and earn locks on them. Even if you carefully use proxy servers, this is not a guarantee that your “neighbor” will not earn you a block on the same resource. And with the blocking of the proxy, your account will fly with all the subscribers and successes. Commercially, it’s death.

Already these two points are enough to determine a simple truth: public proxies are an unjustified risk and the story will almost always end in tears. Of course, there are many more pitfalls. Low speed, zero data protection, and anonymity reduce the usefulness of the whole proxy idea to zero. We do not recommend this option.

Individual proxies

In short, these are paid proxies, but they completely mirror the situation of free ones.

There is always only one user for such proxies, the connection speed will be a big advantage due to data caching, and the anonymity and security of the product reduce the chance of getting blocked.

Advice about us: use one proxy for one channel.

Where can I buy quality proxy servers for TikTok?

The site https://fosy.club/ has a whole list of various proxies, our main advantages are:

  • Stable and high-quality connection
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