Why do we need proxies for bots and where to buy them

Bots are the resource accessed by users who are configured for commercial plans on the network. One of the most popular options for using bots is the promotion of social networks and their further promotion. Conditional Instagram, Vkontakte, TikTok, Facebook, and others provide an excellent field for earning, but at the same time block the “air” in many ways, with a user agreement. Of course, it makes no sense to argue about it, because we agree with it at the entrance, but sometimes you can get around some rules.

What benefits can bots bring? This is the automation of any basic and not only user processes. You can set up a mass subscription, likes, mailing, or vice versa, and start secretly parsing data from competitors’ pages. Each user will find the functionality they need, it differs from resource to resource. Support is provided through special bot programs that imitate the actions of a living person.

It sounds pretty simple, but there is a small “but” — protection system. Over time, not only bots get better, but also the systems that work against them. If once a banal captcha was enough for protection, now complex algorithms for monitoring user actions provide lightning-fast moderation reactions to illegal actions of bots. And they are followed by blocking, of course.

It is at this stage that proxy servers enter the battle. They imply a link between the user (or bot) and the web resource, hiding the actual data of the first one. In this option, the vigilance of the web resource is greatly reduced, which means that the chances of being blocked are reduced to zero.

What you need to know about social media bots

Social networks in our time are not only a service for communicating with friends and relatives but also a huge layer of global business models. The use of social networks in modern times has become something so commonplace that even pages of many popular and not-so-popular brands have appeared there, advertising their products. “Unique” integrations and discounts give good benefits to such companies, which enhances financial stability at the proper level. Now every businessman or SMM specialist can easily find free or paid software with the functionality he needs, which will perform routine duties.

The functionality is completely different, but the following options:

Page visits

Mailing of letters

Cheat likes

Subscriptions public pages and groups

Approval of incoming applications

Captcha Bypass

What are proxies for when using bots?

Proxy servers act as intermediaries between the user and the target resource. Thus, the connection becomes anonymous, because the original data is hidden by proxy servers. Thanks to this simple cooperation, you can easily increase the protection of your data.

Of course, anonymity is not the only benefit of using a proxy. Proxies will become a prerequisite to bypassing many blockings and restrictions.

For example, if a social network has a ban on the content of multi-accounts (and such a ban is everywhere), then thanks to a proxy you can make it appear that each of your accounts will have an image of a real person. With the help of multi-accounts, it will be easy to wind up likes, subscriptions, and views to your posts. Which inevitably increases your popularity among really real people who can become a potential buyers, for example.

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