What is VKJust? VKJust proxy settings

The phenomenon of the social network Vkontakte dates back to 2006 when the service was launched by Pavel Durov and his team. In about a year of existence, the Vkontakte social network began to gain momentum and had an indicator of 100 thousand users, and the next year the show improved 30 times. This is an undoubted record for the entire Runet of that time.

Vkontakte is the most famous, but by our time, no longer the most popular social network among the rest. At the time of writing, the service is in the 39th position in terms of popularity in the world. Initially, the social network was created as a platform for dialogues between graduates of higher educational institutions in the Russian Federation. However, the growth of users has turned the resource from an unpretentious messenger into a social network giant all over Runet.

Since 2016, the company’s founder, Pavel Durov, has left the company. The reasons, of course, are silently silent, but the article is not about that either. Since then, the resource has been rebranded and is now called VK. Owns the social network Mail.ru Group.

And even taking into account the decline in the popularity of the social network, users are not getting smaller, and their number is only increasing, just in smaller progress. The social network is convenient because you can promote your product here, although it is worth considering that advertising alone will not be enough for this. It is for these reasons that the VKJust program exists. Thanks to this program, you can neutralize all the disadvantages of the impact of advertising on the resource for pumping and promoting your VK account. The main features of the program:

Simultaneous promotion of multi-accounts

Bulk clicking “likes” from different accounts

Sending private messages

Newsletter for offers to add friends, as well as for meetings

The functionality of the program does not end there, but it is worth moving on to the fundamental basics of setting up VKJust. For the program to function normally, we need to use proxy servers in order not to simply get blocked from the service. The main part of the program’s activities violates the user agreement, which will not please the moderators of the social network.

First, we need to log in to the application using our data.

There will be 3 columns in the field for setting up an account, starting from the left: enter the same data as for logging in, in the login: password format.

In the central column, you need to enter the proxy in the format: IP:port, and then enter account details: login:password.

After all the actions are done, use the «Apply» button to save the data.


Also in the program, you can load a proxy from a file. To do this, you need to enter the proxy in the format indicated above in a text document and load this file into the program. To reduce the likelihood of a ban, we recommend using one IP address for each account.