Why do we need proxies for Avito?

In modern realities, there is simply a huge number of different options for making money on the Internet. Each will differ from the other, somewhere in the amount of data affected, somewhere in style, somewhere in the amount of finance, but everything boils down to the same thing — earnings.

Bulletin boards are one of the most popular and effective options for stable earnings in the network. With the help of message boards, many users went to full freelance and left their former jobs, because the scope of work is endless, and the earnings are quite decent and justify the resources spent in the form of time.

Avito is a leading project that specializes in a bulletin boards. This service has become the leader not only in the territory of the Russian Federation but also in many other countries. The main area of ​​activity for Avito boards is, of course, announcements for the provision of goods and services. However, quite often boards appear on which vacancies or even resumes are posted.

The rapid popularity among users is the reason why Avito is chosen as a service for making money. On the platform, you can also meet novice traders, who will have in their assortment just things that they already or in principle do not need, as well as real business sharks who control trade on a wholesale scale and compete with other pros.

Of course, success in trading depends on many aspects. And the quality of the goods, and good financing, but no one will deny that one of the key points in the trade is the name of the brand and its fame. Money does not fall on anyone’s head just like that — it is always a thorny path from a complete lack of finance to success. In terms of promoting yourself and your product, Avito is one of the best options, but it’s not without its drawbacks. The fact is that Avito’s policy limits the number of boards that can be published per day. This will not create problems for most users, but for a person who wants to take sales seriously — a headache.

There is no way to do without multi-accounts, but they are limited by the user agreement of Avito himself. To get around this limitation, advanced users use proxy servers. Thanks to proxy servers, your chance of getting blocked is reduced to a minimum, because the service will not notice any illegal actions.

Proxy server for Avito

In general, proxy servers can be useful for any user. An ordinary beginner can use a proxy to bypass the blocking for the old account, and a more experienced one will implement multi-accounts to place many bulletin boards on Avito.

In addition, many professionals in their field use additional software for Avito, which simply cannot exist without proxy servers. Thanks to this software, many processes (if not all) are automated and simplify the work.

With the help of such software, you can perform many actions with ads, create accounts, conduct analytics, and upload statistics, randomize and increase the uniqueness of your boards. In general, this list does not contain all the functionality, it may differ from program to program. Of course, all such software is multi-threaded, which means that you have the opportunity to realize their potential through multi-accounts.

The main rule for using proxies for multi-account functionality is simple — you need a separate proxy server for each account.

What proxies to choose?

There are 2 main options for choosing a proxy: paid (private) and free (public) proxies.

We strongly do not recommend using free proxies, and in principle, they will not work for one simple reason: several people can use proxies from free access, and proxies can already be blacklisted by Avito. As soon as you use such proxies, you have a big risk of saying goodbye to all your accounts at once.

What to say about private proxies, this is the exact opposite of public ones. Access to such proxies is issued on one hand, which means that no one except you will be able to access them, which reduces the risk of blocking. In addition, the quality of the connection is greatly improved due to the caching of network data and anonymity is many times better.