Proxy for Viber

Viber is one of the leaders in modern messengers in the CIS countries and beyond. The messenger has become quite popular both for ordinary users and for commercial purposes. It’s quite common to see major brands doing Viber mailing lists ranging from personal care stores to bank mailing lists. The use of instant messengers greatly simplifies our social activity. Just remember how once we could only write SMS to another person, and even it cost a lot of money. Now, of course, everything has changed.

With the help of Viber, we can make video and audio calls, maintain correspondence with friends and relatives, and also send out various types of information, although here, of course, not without limitations. The company’s policy indicates the boundaries of what is allowed for mailings, for example, at the time of this writing, this is no more than 100 messages to different users. If the protection and moderation system detects you as a spam agent, then the blocking will follow immediately and your account in this messenger will be lost.

What is the use of a proxy for the Viber messenger?

Let’s go through the points, let’s say so. For starters, proxies open up the possibility of using a multi-account system, at least 10 or more, and you can forget about potential blocking for this action. You will be able to send mailings to chats, and communities, and simply send mailings to certain databases of your customers’ phone numbers.

Sale is a basic construct without which the existence of a business as such is impossible. They are not taken from the air, you will need at least 2 points: the product and the buyer. In the case of a product, everything is simpler, oddly enough. No one comes to the market empty-handed, automatically you have an offer either in the form of services or some other goods. As for the buyer, it’s a little more complicated. The buyer is a rather lazy character of the market, not everyone will independently search for products of interest to him, so we will most likely take what we see first. In this case, you need advertising that will interest the buyer and lead him to financial investments in your company. At such moments, the mailing from Viber comes in, thanks to which you can significantly increase sales.

However, it makes sense to talk about the potential problems of mailing lists:

Blocked numbers that are registered to one IP address.

IP address blocking to prevent the distribution of information with the same content.

The network administrator or the provider itself is blocking access to Viber servers.

All of these problems and even more can be solved by using proxy servers. When using SOCKS5 / HTTPS connection types, you can automate a certain layer of work, and sometimes completely. With the SOCKS5 protocol, the following can be carried out:

Automation of notification mailing according to the compiled lists of telephone numbers. (IP address paired with phone number)

Create new groups, general chats, and more, with content that interests you.

More about protocols

Of course, the most popular version of the protocol is HTTPS/HTTP. What about HTTP — this is a basic protocol, it does not have proper security, unlike HTTPS. You can save a lot of traffic because the proxy uses data caching using these two protocols. All these actions take place directly on the proxy servers, and the user receives everything he needs when he requests it again. These two connection types also provide basic anonymity without any problems.

If we talk about the SOCKS5 connection protocol, then it has a higher Internet speed and, often, a better connection in general. Anonymity is also not a weakness of this puncture, it will appear that the work with Viber takes place directly, without intermediaries in the form of a proxy.

It is important to mention that proxies based on the HTTPS/HTTP connection protocols are suitable for working through browsers, but SOCKS5 is suitable for a large number of protocols. HTTPS/HTTP protocols are not natively supported by the Viber mobile app.