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The chosen topic for the article is extremely sensitive — the most popular adult site in the world.

DISCLAIMER The article contains only information in the form of general education content and is not a call for any action

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Perhaps each of them knows this resource and for sure some even have subscriptions. There is nothing shameful in this, everything is natural. If you believe the statistics, then such content does affect society in a very positive reactions. With free access to such material, criminal activity is reduced in entire segments of the population, and many depressive disorders have much lower coverage. You can’t call films for adults a panacea for all problems, but they still bring their good to the masses, you can’t argue with that.

However, no positive aspects can calm down some especially conservative cells of society and they express their protest against this. Everything would be fine, dialogue and freedom of thought are cool, but it happens that these cells of society can occupy government positions, and from here quite real troubles begin. And if in some regions it comes to the point of absurdity with persecution for viewing adult content, then in most cases the government is limited to regional blocking of the resource. Well, so be it. We know how to get around this problem 🙂

We know that we have plenty of Russian-speaking readers from different countries, but this time we will take one country as an example — Russia. Back in 2015, Roskompozor imposed a lot (11) blocks on sites with content classified as 18+, PornHub was no exception, if not at the top of the list. This act was explained, of course, by an attempt to preserve family values, Christian customs, and so on. We will not play conspiracy theory, we will not go too far into the reasons, let’s get down to business.

One year later (in 2017), the blocking was removed from the international version of the site, but the blocking remained on the Russian-language version. Where is the logic? Don’t ask. Now, when you enter the site, PornHub is forced to expose you to “protection from (for?) children.” A window will appear in which you will need to enter the user’s date of birth. Yes, not to mention that now each user must go through authorization through Vkontakte, which is necessary to check age restrictions. Absurd? We don’t know…

When you try to log in, PornHub will be forced to request all this data, but not everyone wants to link their account from a social network and give out this kind of data about themselves, which is understandable.

The principle of operation of locks and the essence of the general question

Absolutely every device, whether it is a device in the form of a phone or a whole PC, has its IP address, through which it accesses the global Internet. Using IP, you can: track actions, block access to a resource at the administrative level, and physically close the resource.

Fortunately, the PornHub resource is outside the jurisdiction of the Russian Federation, which means that Roskompozor will not be able to physically influence its servers. And this already gives us a complete carte blanche to gain access thanks to the IP address of another region, where there is no restriction on access to this resource. When using proxy servers, RKN cannot determine your connection to an adult content resource but sees a simple connection to a server that can be located anywhere and does not say anything.

It is not good to deceive state structures and the law, because there is a blockage, you say. In general, yes, everything is so. That’s just the use of proxy servers for such bypasses is not prosecuted by law, which means it is allowed. By using a proxy server, you do not expose yourself to risks.

Recommendations for choosing a proxy for PornHub

On the Internet, there are sites and services where you can purchase a proxy server.

There is also an option to use free proxies, but we do not recommend it.

Personal proxies are the best for the Pornhub site, as you will have a stable connection throughout the session. Websites with video content are also demanding on connection speed since the quality of the image and some other factors depend on it. Therefore, only high-quality proxies will be able to ensure normal interaction with the site.

Considering all of the above, it can be understood that only paid proxies are needed for the PornHub site.

Since they have a stable connection and high connection speed.

For help or any questions, support and a consultant on the site work for you.