Proxy for TikTok

TikTok is a whole culture and an incredible phenomenon of our time. It is the fastest growing social platform with sky-high popularity ratings.

The main idea of ​​the platform is to provide users with entertainment content in the form of a continuous stream, which can be easily «addicted». With its algorithms, TikTok quickly calculates the area of ​​interest of its user and immerses him in an endless stream of pleasing to the eye on the screen. Each user finds their own area of ​​entertainment here, for some it is dancing teenagers under the newfangled word “trend”, and for others it is blitz lessons in foreign languages, cooking and so on.

TikTok is also an expanse for commercial purposes, advertising is the engine of progress, as well as large financial investments. This fact cannot be ignored.

And everything would be fine, but even when trying to interact with a variety of TikTok content, there may be difficulties with the implementation of this access. The solution to this problem can, of course, be a proxy. This is what we will mainly talk about in our article.

Why do you need proxies for TikTok?

Perhaps the most obvious reason is bypassing supposed blocking.

When you have more than several TikTok accounts and you use special software to work with the application, then the entrance will be implemented through the server where the software itself is located. And this means that the data for authorization will vary greatly, in addition, TikTok will constantly request authorization confirmation.

If you encounter this problem, then the most logical solution would be for you to purchase a proxy to replace / rent an IP address

What are the proxy options for TikTok?

In general, as for everything else, there will be only 2 options: paid and free proxy servers. We will analyze the advantages and possible disadvantages of each of them.

Free proxies(Public)

Finding such proxies in general will not take too much time, and investments are not needed at all (We are talking about free use). In doing so, you potentially get a solution to your problems. In theory, it looks good, but there are some pitfalls:

There is a very high chance that the free proxy is already blocked.

Suspicious Activity

Questionable support for your anonymity

Even if a working proxy has been found, it is likely that it will also be blocked soon. The reason for this is a large number of those who also want to save money. The more “fans” a public proxy has, the closer the date of its blocking. It’s always a matter of time.

To be honest, we can really say that working with TikTok using public proxies is really possible. Does it justify the spent resources of time and nervous system while you are looking for these proxies? This is a question that everyone must answer for themselves.

Paid proxies (Private/Individual)

The main tasks are solved in the same way as with public proxies, this is true, only the “but” will be many times less.

The chances of getting blocked are drastically reduced

Saves a lot of time on the constant search for new proxies


No suspicious activity


It’s safe to say that private proxies are properly better than public proxies in every way. And they are not as expensive as you might think.

It is worth mentioning that only IPv4 proxies are suitable for working with TikTok, but work with IPv6 proxy is not supported. Mobile proxies are also suitable, but they will come out more expensive as a result of the high cost of the latter. Usually traffic is expensive. Since TikTok is a media network, the main one is video and audio content. This kind of content usually takes quite a lot of traffic. For mobile proxies, as well as for residential ones, which are very well suited for the tasks of TikTok promotion, traffic can be a very expensive pleasure. But sometimes the ends justify the means.

In the event that it is planned to use a proxy to promote more than one account, but not directly massively, on TikTok, then it may be limited to buying an IPv4 proxy. To work with a massive number of accounts (10 or more), it is better to buy fewer but mobile proxies, so you may not get the maximum speed, but you will “sleep well”.

The use of a proxy can be divided into several tasks. For the tasks of parsing and filtering the audience, simple IPv4 proxies are quite suitable. To work with mass activity — mobile proxies.