How to check proxy anonymity?

Proxy — This is an intermediate server that acts as a connecting agent between the web resource and the user. Thanks to this feature, the user has a very simple and effective position to increase their own anonymity.

Anonymous proxies are a well-known and reliable option for protecting a user’s IP address on the web. The main task of anonymous proxies is to ensure the security and reliability of the user.

Anonymous proxies have varieties:

Simple anonymous proxies — in this option, the user’s IP is hidden, and the IP of the proxy server is used instead;

Distorting anonymous proxies: The principle of operation of such a proxy is that the IP is not static, it is determined randomly.

Elite anonymous proxies: Such proxies, replacing your IP address, will not give out information that they are doing this. The web resource will treat you as the original user.

Of course, to claim that anonymity is provided does not mean that it actually is, and each user should be able to verify these claims. And there are ways.

The anonymity of a proxy is perhaps the most important criterion for its necessity for the user, and hence for its popularization.

How does the proxy anonymity test work?

A completely affordable way will be to check with the help of specially created platforms that can guarantee the reality of information.

Such platforms operate online and are quite easy to use. Anonymity verification, when using these platforms, works according to certain criteria:

  • IP address data ;
  • host;
  • OS;
  • Using a specific browser;
  • The fact of using proxy extensions, VPNs, anonymizers;
  • Number of open ports.

Online test platforms will not only check the anonymity and quality of the proxy server, but also indicate its use by a real type of user. After simple procedures, we receive information that can both refute and confirm the security of our own data on the network and, in case of an existing need, resort to a quick solution to such a problem.

Why check the anonymity of proxy servers?

Such a proxy anonymity test makes it possible to secure your own IP address and other detailed information about your actions in the web space. This eliminates the ability of many services (in particular, bookmakers and other similar «companies») to block activity on the network without notification, thereby reducing the speed and efficiency of work.

After installing a proxy, it is advisable to conduct such online checks regularly.

How to check proxy anonymity?

There are many options, we will write only a few of the most popular:

  • Two bases from Spamhaus — base SBL and base XBL.

With the first option, everything is quite intuitive, go to the site and go to the functionality you need. Anonymity check. Everything is simple. The check is located in the “Tests” section, at the time of this writing, this information is in the site header.

SBL (Spamhaus Block List) — This list of IP addresses includes those who were seen sending spam. Service employees work non-stop to maintain the list, add and make adjustments to the list of spammers, remove the addresses of those who cease to be active as a spammer.

XBL (Exploits Block List) — This list includes spammers who often send emails from hacked network devices. Here, by the way, free proxy servers will become very frequent guests. The latter never shined with much support for the anonymity of their user, so their position in the list is quite expected.