Proxy for PS4

Using a proxy server on Sony PlayStation 4 can help you avoid regional restrictions, bypass account bans, and, of course, get earlier access to games.

Unfortunately, the PlayStation Network has recently become unavailable to residents of the CIS countries. To access it again, you need a proxy server.

We will help you decide on the choice of a proxy and how to connect and configure it correctly.

What is PlayStation Network (PSN)

Playstation Network is a service that provides downloading of digital content for the set-top box. Provides communication between game consoles with various services. It is used to download updates and patches and update the system and software.

You simply won’t be able to play Horizon, God of War, FIFA or Fortnite, or your favorite game without being connected to the PlayStation Network. Residents of the CIS countries do not have free access to this service, as we wrote above.

Having bought a high-quality proxy server and properly configured it on your console, it will be enough for you to use the Sony PlayStation 4 to the maximum and without restrictions. Of course, public (free) proxies can also be used, but you will undoubtedly have problems with traffic speed, your data can simply “leak into the network” and of course, you will need to change free proxies almost every time you use the console.

Step-by-step instructions on how to set up a proxy server on PS4:

Connecting and setting up a proxy server will help you access the Playstation Network bypassing blocking. This way you will get the desired result and this is the most reliable way in our case.

If you are interested in, for example, leveling up characters and “farming” for further resale, and at the same time you use several game accounts, you need to use a proxy server, it will help you bypass an account ban by IP even if you have already received it.

When using the correct proxy, the system will see your leased IP address, you will simply mask your real IP address.

Consider step-by-step instructions on how to properly configure proxy on the console.

Open the PS4 settings, find the «Network» section and go there

We are looking for and selecting the item «Establish an Internet connection.»

In the window that opens, select «How to connect to the network?» We select the necessary item based on which connection you use: LAN (cable) or Wi-Fi.

«Which method to choose to establish an Internet connection?» for this question, mark the item “Special”

In the «IP address settings» section, select the «Automatic» item

The next step is «Proxy Server» — select «Use».

After purchasing our proxy, you will have a port and an IP address that you need to enter. And the finish line — click «Next»

We advise you to use: LAN (cable) connection. If this is a private proxy, a window will open on the screen when connecting, in which you will need to specify the username and password from the proxy server.

If you use Wi-Fi, you can configure the proxy server connection in the router itself. We will tell you about this in the next article, where we will consider detailed instructions for setting up and connecting a proxy for a router.

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