Brut and proxy

Proxy servers are a very flexible character that can be used for completely different purposes. Thus, we have already made many articles about the symbiosis of proxies and various applications, areas of activity, and so on. Brute accounts are no exception, it also requires the use of proxy servers. In this article, we will deal in more detail with the question of the joint work of a brute and a proxy, what they are needed and what types there are.

What are brute accounts?

There is such a thing as accounts after brute, in other words, these accounts were hacked using the brute data scheme. If even simpler, then access to such accounts was picked up using a program for selecting passwords. An account brute is a hack that is followed by various goals of those involved in this scheme. We do not recommend doing anything like this and the article is organized for educational purposes only. 🙂

Brutus is the most frequent guest on social networks such as Instagram, Facebook, Vkontakte, and so on. Instagram has always been a tidbit since replacing data in an account there is very easy. You can change the profile name, address, and phone. After such manipulations, it becomes much more difficult for the original owner to prove his belonging to the account.

Old and abandoned accounts are subject to brute force, they have a history, which means they are more valuable than autoregisters. The cost of auto-registrations differs greatly from betta accounts. Thus, the price tag of an autoregistration is about 5 rubles, while a bent account reaches price tags from 40 to 200 rubles.

Brutus is becoming very popular not only on social networks but also in the gaming industry. Almost every experienced player has heard stories about brute accounts of such platforms as a team, World Of Tanks, Minecraft, Lineage 2, Fortnite, World of Warcraft, and so on. From there, the story of an appeal to the Ministry of Internal Affairs for a kidnapped level 80 orc, which was a popular meme in the 2010s, began.

For brute to be a way of earning, mass action will be needed, and where automation and mass are used, proxies are required. Of course, proxies are necessary to hide the actual IP address and not be blocked from resources or even prosecuted by law. As a reminder, brute force is illegal in most countries, as is hacking.

What proxies are suitable for brute force accounts

Work in this style must always be anonymous because account hacking is always an offense and an invasion of users’ boundaries. It would be better to keep your IP address anonymous. If problems arise, you will not worry about the consequences, since it will be quite problematic to track you.

There are 2 main types of proxy servers: paid and free. Let’s analyze them in more detail.

Free proxy servers are also called public. They are freely available and are not at all suitable for mass actions, and the reason is the very appearance of such proxies in the public pool. Often, the public pool is replenished with temporary access at a reduced rate for tests from providers, but system administrator errors are a very common occurrence, to say nothing of the deliberate distribution of proxy servers in the public pool from intruders. At the same time, the public pool has not so many advantages, or rather, it is only one: they do not require financial investments.

Paid proxies, which are also called private, are a complete mirroring of the public pool. All the necessary range for work is working properly for them, in particular, they are useful for automating actions and mass character. Complete anonymity, data caching and a stable connection will be an excellent trump card for private servers.