How to bypass blocking on TikTok, step-by-step instructions

TikTok is a service for watching and creating short videos. The huge popularity of the platform did not originate at all from the moment of creation, in 2014. A sharp and, at times, inexplicable jump occurred in the period from 2019. The platform limits the freedom of expression and opinion of a person so weakly that it is blocked in some “free” countries, such as the USA and the Russian Federation, explaining this as a “threat to national security”. We will not argue about the quality of such an explanation, but everyone can conclude for themselves 🙂 We do not call for any actions.

It is hardly possible now to find someone who has not heard about this platform, but already many cannot use it due to blocking. Thanks to TikTok, you can organize a super productive advertising campaign for a product, which captivates the interest of many commercial organizations. Of course, not only the commercial direction of TikTok is interesting to its users. Millions of hours of entertaining and educational content are what the application is downloaded for. Thanks to the unique mechanisms of the platform, after an hour of using the application, you will come across only those videos that may be of interest. Someone will come across dancing schoolgirls, and someone will come across cuts from humorous shows or sports news.

How to bypass blocking?

To bypass blocking, in this case regional, many use proxy servers, and for good reason. Unlike other options, such as VPN, for example, proxy servers have some advantages over the rest, we list:

  • Completely free access to the application
  • The anonymity of personal information and user data
  • Safe use of multiple accounts
  • Reducing the risk of account blocking due to promotion through special services
  • You can use different IP addresses for each account.

And this is not the whole list of advantages, but we still listed the main ones. Let’s move on to how to configure proxy servers:

Step-by-step proxy settings for IOS (iPhone or iPad)

  • We go to «Settings»
  • Go to the section responsible for Wi-Fi
  • In the section of the Wi-Fi used, click on the circle in which the letter I am located
  • On the open page, scroll to the very bottom
  • Click on the «Configure Proxy» field
  • We use the option “Manual setup” or just “Manual”
  • In the “server” field, we enter the data of the IP address of our proxy
  • In the «port» field, enter the corresponding port of the proxy

In the case of using a proxy server, which can be accessed through a password and login, we select the authentication functionality and then use our data.

Click «Save» to complete the settings.

Step-by-step proxy settings for Android

  • The instruction is only suitable for Android devices with root rights:
  • To begin with, we need a “connecting” link for the device to work with a proxy. We need any program to work with a proxy, for example, ProxyDroid.
  • We launch the application.
  • Turn on the setting “Change proxy state”
  • Click on the «Address» line. In this line, we must enter data on the IP of our proxy server, as a numeric value.
  • In the line «Port» we enter the data of the port of the proxy server.
  • In the «Proxy type» section, specify the proxy protocol that we use (HTTP. HTTPS or socks5).
  • Enable «Auto Connect». Thus, the proxy will automatically start when our main network is used.
  • In the “Connected network” setting, we will need to select the Wi-Fi that will need to be hidden to connect to Tik Tok.


Instructions for Android that does not have root rights:

  • Opening the settings
  • Go to Wi-Fi settings
  • Choosing your Wi-Fi
  • Open the subsection with the settings “Advanced”
  • We select the “Manual” option, we need it to configure our proxy server
  • Enter the IP and port of our proxy to be used
  • Select «Connect»