How and why connect a proxy for Google AdWords?

How is Google AdWords connected and what is it for?

First, let’s look at what these «Adwords» is.

Google AdWords (hereinafter: Google Ads) is a functionality that is configured for contextual advertising, the manufacturer is Google. The service provides a large number of tools for the implementation of effective advertising, and all this is implied in a convenient interface.

So, we’ve got it figured out. In short, Google AdWords is an advertising platform, wonderful. What could be wrong and why raise the topic of this article? The explanation will be our modernity. Regional restrictions and blocking, sanctions, and much more directly affect the processes that are affected by the service. To avoid all these problems, we will analyze the effect of proxies on Google Ads.

What can a resource be punished for:

  • «Bypass the system» — dynamic addresses;
  • Content manipulation to bypass checks;
  • Restriction of access to most pages of the site;
  • Frequent use of promo codes;
  • Forbidden topics.

And this list cannot be called complete, but even supplementing, proxies still helps us.

We can avoid blocking Ads using a proxy, by the way, it is advisable to purchase them in the region where the account was directly registered. In addition, knowledgeable people advise proxy servers for Ads as the most effective way to solve the problem.

There are several pluses:

  • The speed of work is many times better than through the use of anonymizers.
  • You can choose the country of localization;
  • Technical support, assistance in setting up the server;
  • Completely anonymous access.

Free, we would not recommend it. The main problem with such proxies is that they are often used by several users at the same time, and this attracts unwanted attention and threatens to be blocked. Such proxies are calculated and blocked with astonishing speed by Google bots and moderators. What can not be said about private proxies, which will only be in your hands? Such actions will not be considered “doubtful” by the same moderators and bots, which means that blocking does not threaten.

In the case when your goal is to bypass Ad blocking, purchasing proxy servers will be a logical and convenient solution. Google can determine not only your IP address but also the data of the machine itself. This is where the virtual machine comes in handy. Get reliable personal proxies that will not catch blocking for violations.

Detailed instructions for configuring a proxy when using Google Ads coupons

When the goal is to advertise a resource, there is no problem with the configuration:

  • Purchase proxy servers for Ads, and register their data in the Multiloginapp browser or other analogs to avoid fingerprints.
  • Create a new account in Google, or Gmail.
  • Get a Google Ads coupon for your country
  • Make the cheapest payment and add coupon details
  • Spending money on clicks for a couple of weeks or a little more
  • When your “500 rubles are squeezed out”, you will be credited with 2000 rubles for advertising.

In such a simple way, according to this instruction, you can use proxy servers to wind up 2-3 accounts before blocking, and then simply repeat the operation. The proxy hides the address from which the advertising campaign starts. The most successful crafters recommend using a different URL for each new account. Suitable for landing page promotion, any goods, and services not prohibited by Google policy.

Advertising topics that are prohibited in Google Ads. Proxy usage

Search engines very clearly restrict the ability to advertise on certain topics. As an example, we can cite an online casino advertisement. In this option, they usually create a landing page on some abstract topic, but with a casino theme. As soon as the site passes the moderation check, Proxy Ip Cloaking is connected, but with the help of it, the user gets to the site of a real casino. Calculating such activity is very problematic, but the owners of the resource with a casino will have time to gain a decent audience for themselves.