How do proxies help in SEO, and how to speed up parsing with their help?

A fairly popular question right now is “how can proxies help in SEO?”, in general, you can answer with several doctoral works, perhaps. Of course, we will not dig so deeply, but perhaps it is worth paying attention to the main theses, let’s start with the basics. What is SEO?

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is a complex of various works that are aimed at developing a resource, shaping its environment, and analyzing user actions.

Your traffic to the resource from search engines will completely depend on the total amount and popularity of the requests that are being worked on, which significantly affects the profit.

We figured out the basics, let’s move on to the influence of proxies on SEO processes.

The basic privilege is the ability to parse search results many times, with the help of proxy servers, you can bypass many restrictions, as well as get rid of the captcha. By the way, we have a separate article about captcha, but now it’s not about them.

The indisputable value will be the need to maintain the anonymity of all processes, the need to bypass locks, as well as increase the speed of the web resource. With all these tasks, the proxy server will cope better than anyone else.

In what tasks do SEO proxies have a big impact?

There are a large number of such tasks, but here are the most popular:

  • Ignoring the restrictions that are imposed on the functionality of programs that send bulk requests to search engines.
  • Improve web connection speed and quality
  • Parsing search results and reducing the risk of blocking during competitor research.
  • Check the site for SEO errors if it delivers different content for different IPs by region.

Bypass restrictions on software functionality.

This happens, for example, during the operation of the software that parses data from search engines, Key Collector and others can be an example.

Sites put such restrictions due to DDOS attacks. To bypass these restrictions, you will only need to have several high-quality private proxy servers available, in which case the chance of getting blocked will approach zero.

What improves the quality of the connection when using a proxy?

This likely is one of the most important reasons why proxies are used.

Quality is enhanced by:

  • Increased speed of information and data exchange;
  • geographic proximity. The proxy server used can be tritely located closer to the server you want to access.
  • Formation of a high data transfer rate between the computer and the proxy server;
  • Data caching.

It is extremely important to understand that for the points above to be true, you need reliable proxies. Using public proxies, for example, can have the opposite effect.

Efficient resource parsing using a proxy

With the help of the parsing functionality, we can implement many strategies for promoting our product by analyzing a competitor’s product. Using search engine parsing, we can get the following data that is useful for analytics:

Titles and descriptions of links in the issue;

Site snippets in the top;

Additional links in snippets;

Email addresses;

Other useful data about pages and sites that rank best in search engines.

In addition, when using a proxy, we will be much less likely to get blocked while researching a competitor’s product.

4. How to check a site for SEO errors if it delivers different content for different IPs by region

Multilingual SEO means optimizing a resource for multilingual regions and their audiences. This is the reason why resources create different content for different language regions. There will also be extremely frequent cases when the API of a certain country blocks access to the product from other countries.

When parsing multilingual resources, specialized software is used, which we will not go through this time, because the principle of work there is really straightforward so as not to be accused of advertising.