Proxy servers and ping

Every day, with each coming day, it is becoming more and more difficult for users to use the Internet and surf the network safely and freely. Huge lists of blocked sites and resources are getting wider every day, and well-known resources are tightening the user agreement and handing out account bans for every extra breath.

As a solution, many use proxy servers, one of the parameters responsible for quality servers is their ping.

In this topic, we will analyze the main theses of server ping and what it affects, as well as how it can be checked.

What is ping and what does it affect

Ping is the time interval that appears when the original packet of information is sent from your PC to the resource being used and its server. The ping parameter is measured in small intervals of time, in milliseconds. So the ping speed is called ms. The smaller it is, the better.

Because the proxy server acts as an intermediary between resources and users, the significance of ping directly determines its value, because many processes for which proxies are generally used depend on the ping speed.

It turns out that the lower the ping value, the sooner the server will receive and respond to incoming requests from the outside.

The ping level is affected by:

The remoteness of the proxy from the user’s PC.

Physical location matters, to put it mildly. It turns out that the farther the server is from you, the greater the ping will be, and with it, the response will be longer. Other things being equal, the ping of proxy servers from India will be higher than the same from the Russian Federation.


Everything here is quite prosaic. The more data to be processed, the worse the response rate will be.

The duration of the technological chain.

The more different devices are involved in the data processing chain, the more it affects the speed. With each switch and router, the ping will increase.

The quality of the equipment and routing algorithms (paths for data flow) used by your ISP;

Network signal strength between tower and equipment (for mobile devices).

Features of connecting through a proxy server

Let’s try to figure out the principle of operation of such a scheme.

Anonymous surfing.

By accessing the Internet not through our IP address, but the one used by the proxy server, we greatly improve our anonymity. This is the basic need of a modern person who does not want someone to constantly follow him.

Bypass various blockages.

Again, by changing the actual IP address and location, you can ignore a lot of regional and local blocking. In many countries, there are analogs of the Russian Roskomnadzor, who like to issue a ban on unreasonable decisions based only on their whims. They block sites, but providers never have the technical ability to control each network address, which in most cases makes it possible to ignore blocking

Ways to check ping

Let’s move on to practice and figure out how to check proxy ping.

The easiest and only true way is proxy checkers, you can check your ping through special software or even through a browser on special sites.

through the operating system.

You can also check using the command line, for example, how this is done through the well-known Windows. Open win + R > CMD and in the field that opens, enter the command: PING and, after a space, the IP address of the server (or the address of the site). Example: «ping» (without quotes).

Checking flow routes through tracing. To do this, enter tracert space IP or domain. Example for WINDOWS: «tracert» (without quotes).