BroBot and proxy

Process automation. Some under this phrase mean some shameless laziness and parasitism. Of course, everything is completely different and robotization greatly increases the efficiency of most aspects of our lives, sometimes vital ones.

It is difficult to declare the efficiency of production if only human labor, brute force, and monotonous filling of documents and various forms are used there. Such an enterprise will never show itself as a leader or successful in the market. Such work has long been outdated and does not justify itself, not to mention automation. One well-written script can replace a dozen hours of work for an ordinary employee, redirecting his resource in a more useful direction. This not only simplifies a person’s life but also reduces the risk of errors that become frequent guests due to inattention. It’s not that computers aren’t wrong, but the ratio is not in favor of humans.

The goals of automation can be diverse. Someone creates a bot program for leveling characters in a virtual game, and someone will be interested in collecting data from competitors’ websites for analysis. In especially unpleasant moments, someone implements DDoS attacks, but we are better to keep silent about this shamefully. The goals are different, but the tool is the same — special programs.

One such program would be BroBot. She gained popularity thanks to her successful work with many social networks that are popular in our society. BroBot actively works with Vkontakte, Odnoklassniki, Instagram, Facebook, and others.

From the available functionality, today:

  • Auto reply to messages
  • Sending messages to other users
  • Bulk likes, repost posts
  • Various distributions of invitations to groups, friends, communities, and meetings
  • Anticaptcha support
  • Working with multiple accounts

And much more, which will be easier to find on the official website.

However, there is an obvious moment: proxy servers are required for the program to work. They are needed to circumvent violations of the user agreement with social networks. They don’t like bots, for obvious reasons. If suspicious activity is detected, your account, or several records, will be immediately blocked or frozen. In all this, proxy servers act as an intermediary between you and the web resource, masking IP addresses. In this option, there will be at least less suspicion of your actions, which means that the chance of getting a ban is reduced.

There are 2 main options for choosing a proxy: public and private.

Public proxies outperform private ones in only one thing: they are free. At the same time, most of them are already blocked or will soon become blocked. There is no privacy for such servers because they are in the public domain, and some of them will completely leak your data.

Private proxies, when rented, will belong only to you, guaranteeing safety and efficiency on your part. You can purchase high-quality proxies on our website: