Proxy for Spotify

Spotify is a streaming service, listening to audio tracks, audiobooks, and various podcasts, without having to download them to your devices (PC/Tablet/Phone). The service can be accessed using the website, using applications for all operating systems, smartphones, etc.

The Spotify platform, probably the leading among the advanced music platforms, is, unfortunately, blocked in the Russian Federation. All residents of the Russian Federation, when trying to enter the site, will receive a quite predictable inscription on the screen:

And yet, among the population of Russia, there are a huge number of fans of this resource, and everyone wants to become part of the huge industry of the Spotify platform.

During account registration, an ordinary citizen, even with the help of a proxy, may encounter the inscription that we indicated above. The reason is often the geolocation of the device. If you appear as a person who is located in the territory of the Russian Federation, then the Spotify application/web resource will not confirm your registration. It is very important not to forget to “change” in addition to the IP address also your country. Often, this setting is not something complicated either in the browser or on the OS side. Most of the current browsers can embed settings into their structure.

  • Select a country where the music platform is active. The US proxy server is considered the fastest and most adaptive.
  • Go to browser settings.
  • Find the line «Using a proxy» there.
  • Activate the function:

In the spaces provided, enter the required data: the address and the corresponding port.

After entering the details, you should go to the Spotify page where you can get a free account.

Upon completion of these steps, the client of the resource itself will be displayed on your PC. You should confirm the login to your account and enjoy all the spectrums of the music platform. According to a lot of data, these settings will give you about 14 days of free use of the application, but after this period, the next failures will probably begin. The solution is simple: repeat the changes to the proxy settings to change the binding to the region.

  • Enter the application and go to the menu, then open the advanced settings of the application.
  • Open the Proxy server section.
  • Select the proxy server you are using
  • Enter the data in the «address» and «port» lines
  • When the data is entered, update the proxy server using the corresponding button.
  • Restart the app and continue listening to music.

This part of the text will be important and worth mentioning. It is better not to dream about the usefulness of free proxies. Most likely, attempts to use them will be either problematic, fleeting, or completely ineffective. Using high-quality, private proxies, you will save yourself huge resources of time and nervous system, at affordable prices.

A little more about Spotify, but separately about work in Russia.

Spotify came to Russia on July 15, 2020, but recently announced the end of the service. Officials cited new laws on the territory of the state as the reason. “Due to the restriction of freedom of speech, our work is becoming impossible, which means we are leaving the Russian market,” officials announced. The decision will come into force in April 2022.