Proxy for LostFilm

Our time is a century of rapidly developing technologies, which cannot but affect the activity of our own lives.

We spend criminally little on our leisure if we do not take into account sleep, although this is also a sore point for many. A modern person, due to the volume of his duties at work and to his family, simply does not have enough time to plan his vacation the way he would like to see it. At such moments, ready-made services with entertainment content, where everything is ready, help us a lot. Game projects, news channels, and giant websites with a variety of video materials, from small videos to films in various categories. We will analyze the latter today.

LostFilm is the undoubted leader among all web resources that provide high-quality translations for foreign TV series, as well as their broadcast. LostFilm dates back to 2005 and was ideologically created as a fan platform with links to foreign films, but as time went on and it developed, and with the development of content, its popularity grew. Now in the CIS segment, there are practically no those who would not have heard of the Lostfilm, thousands of people use it every day, and there are author’s voiceovers on all analog sites.

Everything would be rosy, but not this time. The platform is very large, and this leads us to the fact that his fame begins to work negatively, in some respects. For example conflicts with the legislative component of some regions. Thus, the website was blocked by Roskomnadzor back in December 2017 following a complaint from Warner Bros., because of the Supergirl movie. Such embarrassment in Lostfilm is not only in the Russian Federation, but this does not spoil their growing fame, although it brings, to put it mildly, certain difficulties.

A simple and adequate solution to eliminate restrictions is a proxy server. With their help, you can change your IP address and easily choose the series you are interested in on your favorite site. What types of proxies and how to choose them? We will talk about this in more detail later.

To summarize, there are only 2 initial options. The differences between them are simply colossal. Poorly chosen — can not only become useless but also harm your cybersecurity. Let’s move on to the subtleties:


The main advantage is that this type of proxy does not require financial investments, but this is where its benefits end, and there remains a huge pile of problems that often haunt users. Of course, we do not deny that there are quite worthy specimens in the public pool, but they are negligible, and it will take too much time to search.

Such addresses are in the public domain and can be used by anyone who is not too lazy, and when used, the goals will very rarely coincide with yours. Even if you operate the proxy server carefully so as not to get blocked, this does not mean that additional users will do the same. Probably, this is the basic reason why such proxies die very quickly.


Perhaps this is the complete opposite of free. Of the minuses, this is only that they are not really free and their rent costs some money, but the price tag always justifies itself and is never cosmic, but there are plenty of paid pluses for private ones:

Increased anonymity

Stable connection due to information caching

Ability to bypass many restrictions

Automation of most actions on the network

You can implement this and much more according to your needs without fear for your data because they have one simple rule: everyone is given unique and on one hand. What does reliability mean?