Multi-accounts and proxies

What are multi-accounts? In general, the name is quite flashy, but if it’s detailed, then multi-accounts can be called mass registration of accounts using various software, on different web resources.

Such actions in our time are not at all new and are used in many areas ranging from advertising-directed, gaming, gambling, and others.

With the help of multi-accounts, you can freely create mailing lists with promotional messages, which will have a good effect on the sales of your goods and services, you can wind up views and likes, and you can create separate networks of profiles and redirect traffic. By the way, it is fair to mention that in 99 out of 100 cases the web resource will be against such actions and will remind you of this in the user agreement itself, which means a block for violating this rule.

Thus, individual accounts, as well as entire sets that you managed to register, can be blocked. Proxy servers help to get out of this unpleasant situation. The software in symbiosis with the proxy will hide the actual data of the accounts that are registered, and at this stage, the conditional social network will have no questions for you.

It is not profitable for the moderation of any resource to block its own users “just like that”, which means that before blocking, evidence will first be collected for a reasoned ban. The less compromising evidence you give them on yourself, the later you will feel the consequences of breaking the rules. Of course, proxies will not be a complete panacea for the problem, because other users of the resource can leave complaints about your messages that you don’t even know about, but if you violate the rules, one way or another, you have to take risks.

Let’s analyze a couple of simple theses on the proxy.

There are 2 types of proxy servers: paid and free.

Free proxies (they are also public) are not the best choice if your goals are at least somewhat commercial and aimed at making money. Of the benefits, the public pool has only 1 plus: they are free. This is where the privileges end and various problems appear. In principle, the explanation of these problems is quite logical if you look at the principle of the emergence of a public pool and its formation. Often, this is either a temporary lease from various providers or even errors of system administrators who did not close access, and sometimes servers are published by attackers who plan to take over your data. In short: the public pool is not the most reliable joke.

Paid proxies (they are also private) will become a complete mirroring of public ones. The downside is that private proxies still mean financial investments, which is logical. This is where the negative features of this type of proxy server end and there are only various features that will help you implement your ideas and plans.

By purchasing high-quality private proxies you get:

  • Complete anonymity
  • High-quality network connection due to data caching
  • High connection speed
  • Possibility of automation
  • Round-the-clock technical support from the service
  • Protection of personal data
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