500 Backconnect proxy with rotation

We are constantly working to improve the quality of our services.

And today we are pleased to announce that we have increased the number of backconnect ports to 500 and significantly increased the pool of IP addresses that are behind these ports 😊
Now in a day, you can get up to 25,000 unique private IPs.

Also, you may have noticed that the backconnect proxy ports have been updated. This is due to the improvement in throughput and quality of equipment. So that proxies always respond to your requests as quickly as possible 😉

Actual ports, you can always find here:
https://fosy.club/panel/backconnect ⬅️

Our plan is: increase the number of backconnect proxy ports to at least 1000 with rotation until the end of the year 🤤

You can find details and prices at the proxy description page: https://fosy.club/price.html

If you have any questions, you can contact our support: @fosy_support (Telegram 24/7)
Thank you for your choice and we continue to work for you 😊

Have a nice work!
Best regards Fosy.Club team ❤️