Why do you need a proxy in World of Tanks?

Wargaming is a representative of the leading positions among most ratings of the most successful game development companies in the world. It all started back in the distant “zero”, in Minsk, and 2011 Wargaming and Persha Studia (a Kyiv company) entered into an agreement that implied a long-term partnership of companies

But what is the reason for such huge popularity of this game? They say that «World of Tanks created a new genre», is it true? In general, the statement is quite fair, especially if you look at the current popularity of the game, the loyalty of the players to the developers, and the amount of advertising. Many players were extremely interested in the prospect of trying themselves as an artillery manager on the battlefield, and the stories of the not-so-distant war years gave these desires additional fuel for popularity.

The style of gaming equipment and the landscape were worked out for a very long time and painstakingly, by entire departments of experts who took information from everything they could get. Museums, military archives and design bureaus, summaries from our time, and much more, all this for the sake of creating the current atmosphere in the game itself. With each update of the game, it became more developed both visually and logically, because you need to convey historical accuracy.

The idea of ​​the game itself is not very complicated — a local battle between two teams, in the form of a session game. At the same time, no political campaigns for conquest and other things. This is a game, a battle simulation game for friendly encounters, for people who just enjoy the historical atmosphere.

The mechanics of the game is a local battle between teams. We don’t have conquest campaigns or political overtones in battles.

It all sounds cool, but it’s not that simple. The game is online, which means there will always be “pitfalls” that will be met by many users. How to avoid them and how a proxy helps here, we will tell in this article.

Problem number 1. Ping

A very common problem that reduces the enjoyment of the gameplay to almost zero. It is very disappointing to lose a game not because you play worse, but because the connection with the game servers is so terrible that the ping can be above 400, and anything over 45 for online games is death.

Problem number 2. Local locks

In some countries and certain regions, there are constant or temporary conflicts, even with game development companies. A frequenter of such conflicts is China, often. Ignoring this kind of blocking with a proxy has never been easier. And all this is done without increasing the ping, which is important, as we remember from the first point.

Problem number 3. Anonymity and data protection

Another suffering side of the game coincides with the strong side of proxy servers. It will never be a “pleasant surprise” to lose your game account due to the actions of intruders. With the help of proxy servers, you can get around this trouble.

What proxy server to choose for WoT game?

Public proxies are very often unreliable and sometimes already blocked by your ISP. Undoubtedly, even among them, you can find “gold”, but how much time and nerves will it take? Not sure what you would like to check.

Private servers will be a good option, which can be purchased from bona fide companies. The prices for the necessary resources are not exorbitant, and the savings in time and privileges from the work of proxy servers are simply incomparably important. A player who has proxy servers in use wins much more often, which is very important in any competitive game.