Why do you need a proxy for Twitch?

Twitch (Twitch. tv) is a platform that specializes in streaming games and eSports tournaments. Viewing video broadcasts on the resource can be carried out both online and at the request of the user himself. In addition to computer games, you can watch music performances, poker tournaments, and much more on Twitch.

Proxy for cheating viewers on the Twitch platform

For users who decide to try their hand as a streamer on Twitch, you need to know that the first steps towards making money will be the most difficult since from the very beginning the channel will not have any audience at all. For this reason, many streamers in the early stages use a boost in the number of visitors, all to increase the channel’s performance and lure real people to them.

Very important! If you simply start broadcasting a video from a newly created channel, then it will not receive any views, but will simply be lost in a huge number of other similar channels with zero audiences.

For this reason, cheating will be the only optimal solution when launching a channel on Twitch. It should be noted that this option must be used very carefully. We do not recommend cheating subscribers, because it is very easy to track with the help of special online services. To do this, you will only need to enter a link to the channel of interest. After that, the service will show how many real subscribers are on the channel.

The most experienced streamers prefer to use paid proxies. They guarantee security and a stable presence of the audience on the online broadcast.

What will cheating on Twitch give you

There are at least 4 main reasons why you need to run an automated promotion on Twitch:

  • Getting into the ranking of the best. Cheat on Twitch will be an important help for an easy start and a very rapid growth in the popularity of your stream. Cheating solves the main task of a streamer — how to reach the TOP and attract the maximum number of viewers.
  • Chat revitalization. A live chat is often just as important as an interesting streamer, and sometimes more. The more viewers you have simultaneously on the stream, the livelier and more active communication will begin among them. An active and interesting chat can be one of the main factors in deciding to subscribe to a channel. You shouldn’t ignore this.
  • Increase in the number of subscribers. Along with the growth rate of visitors, the number of subscribers who will be regular viewers also increases. The total, regular online streaming will increase.
  • Maximization of earnings on advertising and donations (donations). Viewers thank their favorite streamers with a “coin” for enjoying your game and the atmosphere created around your person. Mass promotion of the channel allows you to increase the chances of attracting interest to you from the «money» audience.