Why do gamers need proxies?

Nowadays, online games are a popular option to relieve stress and distract from everyday problems and worries, and also a great opportunity to earn quite real money. Online platforms are in many ways convenient because the player does not need to download and install special programs or applications. Basically, just open the desired page, create an account and enjoy your favorite game. But there is a nuance, in certain circumstances you need personal proxies, they will allow you to achieve success in the game much more efficiently and realize passive income. Let’s take a look at how a proxy can be useful to players and how to choose the right product.

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Privileges of proxy servers for online games

Personal proxies play the role of a connecting agent between your PC and the web resource you need to access. Private servers will hide your real geolocation by “closing” it with a fake IP address. This is especially useful when there is a desire to get to a resource, access to which is limited in your country — just buy a proxy of the country you are interested in. An additional popular way to use proxies is to ignore the local blocking that is used in many offices or different schools/universities. Bosses on large projects tend to take control of the employment of their subordinates by limiting the various platforms in their offices. With individual proxies, it will be possible to engage in pleasant pastime in your free time, while information about visited sites and web sites will become hidden, including to the Internet provider. Buying up-to-date proxies will also make it possible to perform many actions without much difficulty, for example:

Implementation and control of two or more game accounts. Technical support agents of many sites carefully control the execution of the rules and block accounts (profiles / pages) that are accessed from one IP address with incredible speed. Such actions are regarded by projects as attempts to fraudulently improve your account, while leveling game characters in legal ways burns a ton of time and effort, and sometimes money. It is for this reason that experienced players often use proxies, which make it possible to robotize and loop the execution of many ordinary tasks — gaining experience for a character, a set of some skills, collecting resources and artifacts.

Effective grinding of game items, «pumping» heroes with the help of bot programs and cheat codes — as a result, you have the option to profitably sell or exchange your account on an online auction.

Secure entry of personal data. Anonymous proxies are simply a must for you if you want to insure against hacking.

Another plus of using a proxy is to reduce the ping to 3 or more times.

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How gamers can find up-to-date proxies

Even if there is an option to find many free proxies in the public domain, you need to understand that special solutions are important for online games. Therefore, in order not to waste time searching, you should think about purchasing high-quality IPs designed specifically for various games:

In social media

For Xbox

That can be find in steam

Strategy, etc.

Especially when the range of interests is not limited to one or two online games, we strongly recommend buying individual proxies in bulk — in this case, the purchase will be less expensive. To realize a high connection speed, we recommend using servers that are located in your country or in the country closest to you. Thus, proxies of Russia, Belarus, Kazakhstan are perfect for users from Ukraine.