What are Whitelist and AirDrop

It’s time for the technological process of mankind, we can say the dawn of many ideas to simplify the daily life of a person, and many people still have a bias towards the word “cryptocurrency”. To some, cryptocurrencies even seem like fabulous creatures that have no place in the real world. However, such a position is always just a sign that a person simply does not understand an area unfamiliar to him.

Sometimes an aggressive stance towards cryptocurrencies is explained by the fear that they want to take away their financial savings, and the very idea of ​​​​cryptocurrency is a full-fledged fraud, a financial pyramid, a terrible conspiracy of the “collective west” and so on. Of course, there is nothing wrong with cryptocurrency, but it is quite an adequate reaction for a person to react with caution to an unfamiliar area.

Every day there are fewer and fewer such people because cryptocurrencies and their investors have been proving their openness and fairness in use for more than a year. Distrust of cryptocurrencies is receding, which is good. You can make money on cryptocurrency, and now we will tell you a little about it.

What are Airdrop and Whitelist

If we compare cryptocurrency with almost any other in the world, then it can be called quite “young”, because it does not have hundreds of years of history of its existence. Nevertheless, cryptocurrency is gradually beginning to enter the currency markets of many progressive countries. Even in Russia, for some time now, they have been thinking about this, and this is a good sign.

Such processes originate from the effectiveness of the cryptocurrencies themselves, which makes it possible to earn large sums on deposits in coins. Some have doubts about whether it is worth investing in crypto, because it’s probably too late, and in general, you need good start-up capital. Of course, they are slightly wrong. And this judgment refutes at least the fact that cryptocurrency can be obtained free of charge when using some tools. Or buy coins before they appear on the cryptocurrency market.

  • Airdrop is the name of projects that help to receive cryptocurrency for free in exchange for simple social activities to promote the product. Nothing complicated, most of the time. A subscription to a channel or a perfect repost may be enough.
  • Whitelist is a white list of people who will have the opportunity to buy coins before they enter the market. Of course, to become a member of such a list, you will need to overcome some list of conditions. Not everyone will be allowed to such processes.

For example, after registering and inviting friends, users had the opportunity to receive a hundred TrustWallet coins, and it had a value of 110 rubles at its peak for one coin. And this means that at the distribution you could get 11 thousand rubles if you fulfilled a certain list of conditions. At the time of writing, the cost of such a coin is on average 81-83 rubles per coin.

There are fewer conditions for becoming a participant in Tokensale, but it is still not much easier to acquire cryptocurrency. The reason for this is some variant of the lottery in this process. The principle is quite simple: there is a product limit, and there are more people who want to purchase it in units, as a result, only a hundred participants out of several thousand will be able to successfully purchase it. The restriction is unpleasant, but it is justified by the probable profit, which, although limited by the maximum amount of purchase (allocation), will make it possible to earn on resale. Let’s take BSCLaunch as an example, it could be purchased for $0.08 for $400, while the price tag after the listing of the same coin went up to $10, as a result, many had the opportunity to earn about $50,000.

How to increase income

The most reliable and frequent way to increase income is to use multi-accounts. With this Airdrop option, you will be able to collect more tokens and this increases your chance of becoming a whitelisted member. But with such activity, you still need to be extremely careful, because a multi-account is prohibited by the rules of the site, which means that this may threaten you with blocking the accumulated funds. For this reason, very high-quality “consumables” are needed:

  • Mail;
  • Cryptocurrency wallet;
  • Telegram account; Twitter account;
  • Discord account (not always necessary);
  • Profile on the crypto site;

Why do we need proxies and which ones to choose

Proxy servers replace the user’s final IP by sending and receiving data packets on his behalf. This allows you to hide the real IP and bind a unique IP to each profile, thereby securing the grid of accounts from a ban.

To work with Airdrop, it is better to buy mobile proxies. server IPs quickly figure out popular sites (for example, gleam.io) and block access to their resource. Mobile proxies have dynamically updated addresses that change once in a certain time, so once in a given period (maybe 1-2-5-10, etc. minutes), you will receive a new IP.