What are proxifiers and what are they for?

In our time, a proxy has become an integral part of many network users who are interested in using web resources without restrictions and with a decent level of anonymity. Unfortunately, not every application can support working through a remote IP. In this situation, the functionality of proxies comes to the rescue.

We will understand the functionality of the software a little deeper and with examples.

Suppose you need to download some data from the Internet using a special application, the functionality of which does not include proxy settings. When launched, this application, more stubborn than any donkey, will try to access the site you are interested in, directly from your user IP address, which can be blocked by this site. To solve this problem and get to the site using a proxy server, we can enable the proxy, and then add the necessary applications to its settings. After that, any actions to get into the network of this application will be completely controlled by the proxy, which will already redirect data packets through the proxy we need. In the meantime, the application will be sure that the work goes directly, as it should.

Proxifier rating for 2022

The increased struggle for supremacy in the network is forcing developers to create and implement new improvements for software that make it possible to work with proxy servers. Although it sounds tense, this situation has decent “pluses”. Thanks to such a race in 2019, a small amount of special software for connections and settings with intermediate IPs became popular. Which of these will become the “best of the best” among the rest is certainly not for the author of the article to decide, here everyone will choose for himself. In general, it still makes sense to consider the undisputed market leaders.

Proxy Switcher app

This software was created as an application for the completely anonymous and free use of the network. The functionality of the software makes it possible to work with any protocol options, use several proxies at once, and at the same time make an assessment of their anonymity. The intuitive setting of the application will give you the option of switching between the IP addresses you are interested in, at certain intervals, as well as redirecting requests to them from those applications and programs that you specify. In addition, this software works smoothly with most browsers and operating systems. It implies two options: Standard / Pro.


A rather ancient application, by today’s standards, which nevertheless does not lose its popularity, Proxifiler has been around for more than 10 years. Since its inception, this proxy has been conceived as a tool for managing local networks, but despite this, the functionality has exceeded all the expectations of the developers themselves. To date, this application is easily integrated into the most popular operating systems (Win / Mac) and can work with any web applications and system programs. The operation of the specified proxy will enable its user to conduct all external connections through one access point, and this will make it easier to control your traffic and work on the network. The icing on the cake will be the ability to create chains of proxy servers and support communication through any connection protocols.


Last on the list, but not least, is a program called Proxycap. One of the important features of the program will be that its settings are as simple as possible. A person who first started working with SOCKS5 and HTTPS proxy servers, with IPv4 / 6 protocols, DNS support, and other “abstruse words” can quite do the configuration. The next important point will be that the program has a free trial period for as many as 30 days (at least for the period of writing the article). It is worth mentioning that with the help of this program it will be possible to create a whole chain of up to 16 servers. What can we say about the interests of a more experienced user, flexible routing settings, and the function of checking both a separate server and a direct chain of proxy servers will become pleasant functions.

Briefly about setting up a proxy server, in the proxy:

Let’s start with the fact that for the convenient and stable operation of the software, we need to have personal proxies. Everyone wants the connection to be “no surprises”, to be reliable. The main configuration processes are very similar to each other, as in the software listed above. The main thing here is to correctly enter all the data of your private proxy server (IP / Port / Account information). The interface of all proxifiers proxifiers is very easy to learn, so it’s not difficult to figure out what’s what.