Proxy for SpotLight (Sociotex)

There is such a thing — as SMM (Social Media Marketing), the processes of which can be called full-fledged art. What distinguishes a good “SMMman” from a bad one is how attentive he is to details, and whether the flight of thought and fresh ideas are wide enough. Without a proper indicator of creativity, success in this area cannot be seen. When working with social networks, which are the basis of the entire SMM construct, it is very important to feel the present and its needs. However, it is impossible to draw a parallel here only with creativity, a good specialist uses a lot of tools and sums up his work for graphs, analyses, calculations, etc., and this is greatly helped by special software. We will touch on one of the options on this topic.

Spotlight (Sociotex) — Perhaps the most famous tool for working in the field of SMM among specialists. The popularity of the program did not come from anywhere. A wide range of different functions that the program supports greatly simplifies the work and automates part of the work activity, and sometimes almost all. The interface is completely intuitive and even a novice SMS manager, under the guidance of a senior employee, will quickly get used to it and begin to achieve success.

The program supports work on the social network Vkontakte. The main list of functionality includes:

Multi-account control

Newsletters in messages

Invitations to meetings and groups

Mass invitations to friends and acceptance of applications

Setting comments under targeted posts


Proxy & SpotLight (Sociotex)

First, you need to analyze the functionality of proxy servers and how they can be useful:

Without proxy servers, the operation of this program is simply impossible, for one simple reason, the automation of Vkontakte social network accounts is prohibited by the user agreement, which means an unshakable truth — instant blocking from resource moderation.

To avoid such unpleasant situations, Proxies are used, which become the link between you (SL Sociotex) and the Vkontakte social network. When operating a proxy, the network sees you as a completely different person, which means that suspicions about his actions are initially minimal if there are no complaints against him. Of course, you need to understand that a proxy is not a panacea for blocking and not a carte blanche for violating the rules of the resource, so it’s still worth using your resources wisely.

There are basic 2 Proxy options:

Free ones do not require financial investments, but at this moment the end of their positive feature, they are not at all suitable for mass work, because they constantly fall off. The very principle of the appearance of such proxies strongly does not fit with our goals, they are closed and blocked, and they are freely available and can be used by other people, which greatly increases the chances that they will be blocked. In general, it’s not an option. Of course, you can try, but the cost of one good social network account will be more than 1 paid proxy server for it.

Paid servers provide their users with everything necessary to work with the program.

Excellent connectivity and network speed

Data caching


High anonymity

Purchased proxies will be in your hands only

In other words, there is everything you need to work on.