Bypass locks

Due to recent events, many Russian users, if not all, have begun to wonder how to bypass Instagram or Facebook blocking, as they have become inaccessible due to blocking. Since websites and social networks are blocked in Russia, it is necessary to raise the question of “is it possible to bypass the blocking?” and, accordingly, talk about the most popular ways to bypass blocking.

Nowadays, trends show that people are actively looking for ways to bypass blocking: according to the Google Trends service, starting from February 27, the requests “vpn this”, “proxy this”, “proxy for instagram”, “bypass runet blocking” have become very frequent. And if earlier, proxies were used to register accounts or actions on social networks, now we are talking about a more “classic” use.

What are the ways to bypass blocking sites?

Here are a few that we know of:

Let’s try to understand the advantages and disadvantages of each of the technologies designed to bypass the blocking of sites and Internet resources. Perhaps not exactly for this they were developed initially, but in this case, it does not really matter 😉

VPN — Virtual private network.

VPN as anonymization tool

VPN or “virtual private network” is very often used now to change IP and protect data. VPN is especially relevant for data protection, in the environment of open WiFi networks and dubious connections. Since the traffic is securely encrypted within the VPN network, it is enough to be sure of the reliability of the server that processes the requests.

The VPN mechanism is very simple. By connecting to a VPN, your device becomes part of the network. And for the internet, you are virtually moving to a new location. To simplify, when a VPN is connected, downloads and connections on the Internet occur through an intermediary in the form of a VPN server. This means that the blocking hardware does not see the end site that the user is accessing, but only the proxy server.

VPN can be used for different tasks. In particular, to bypass Instagram blocking, upload audio and video to Facebook. Unblocking social networks.

There are a lot of VPN service providers, but with the most popular ones, Roskomnadzor puts spokes in the wheels if they do not restrict access to sites on demand.


Proxies for Instagram or Facebook are usually used for tasks related to registrations or actions, evaluation of advertising campaigns and other tasks related to SEO and promotion, audit and analysis of the behavioral and geographical characteristics of advertising campaigns or brand promotion.

Proxies can also be used to bypass social media blocking. Unlike VPNs, proxies allow you to point-to-point use the resources of an intermediary to gain access to Instagram or Facebook. As before, any proxy allows you to bypass blocks and restrictions that are artificially created. In situations where you do not need to filter all traffic and drive it through a private channel, but there is a need to bypass blocking, using a proxy will be the most preferable option.

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TOR — The Onion Router

And last but not least — TOR.

If you do not go into details, then for the average user, Tor is a browser that allows you not only to bypass blocking, but also to remain anonymous on the network. It works on the principle of «onion routing». The use of the word «onion» is not accidental: like an onion, there are many layers.

There is information that TOR was originally used by secret agents in order to anonymously send data. But, since the use of the system immediately issued an agent, it was decided to make this network public. Thus, when anyone has access, it is already more difficult to suspect everyone in a row of espionage.

With Tor, users can remain anonymous on the Internet when visiting websites, blogging, sending instant messages and emails, and when working with other applications that use the TCP protocol.

The difficulty in using TOR lies in the quality of its operation. Unfortunately, TOR cannot be called the «fastest» solution for working on the Internet.